Welcome To UNIR1 Records

UNIR1® Records services independent record companies, artists and bands by providing world wide distribution and multimedia control of their products. All the necessary online tools you need to sustain a successful musical career including HDTV, Radio Syndication, Blog promotion, website development, social integration, production and mastering of your product, store module to sell your merchandise and booking module to get gigs are all located here at UNIR1®.

In today’s digital market, platforms such as YouTube, Pandora, Reverbnation and iTunes act as your TV, Radio, EPK and distribution.  But, what if you could find one place that offered all these platforms together in one, gave you free education and full control over all of them without any limitations?   Then UNIR1® is the perfect choice.

By working and collaborating with some of the most successful music industry leaders, UNIR1® teaches and assists artists and bands on how to utilize our latest technology while sustaining a successful music career. UNIR1® has all the necessary components to give you a competitive edge in the music business while generating opportunities of several different untapped revenue streams that were never thought possible.