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UNIR1® is an adaptive niche marketing company that specializes in assisting, educating and developing independent artists, bands and other companies by using the newest technologies in the way of Internet Radio, HDTV broadcasting, Social Media Marketing, Website development and Digital Distribution to publish, promote, market and distribute their products and services in a very professional package that is quite economical. UNIR1® uncovers many untapped marketing opportunities and revenue streams for new aspiring artists and start-up companies to major corporations and seasoned artists alike.  UNIR1® has created a “one stop shop” in-house network that includes digital distribution, radio promotional marketing, BDS National Charting Campaigns, HDTV multimedia placement, PR Blogs, EPK Marketing and Development, Booking, Social Media integration, custom website branding, SEO (search engine optimization), Graphic Logo and CD Cover Design, Custom Mobile Applications and more.

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UNIR1 Records offers digital distribution for artists and bands with significant positive marketing differences between us and the other digital outlets. UNIR1 Records in conjunction with UNIR1 Radio, UNIR1 TV and UNIR1 Global Network’s promotional radio advertising and HDTV marketing create more audience participation and opportunities for artists and bands to interact with listeners and sell their merchandise directly, as opposed to the artists music just sitting on the shelf with the rest of the pack. With UNIR1 you can:

  • Create an online presence immediately.
  • Make new connections and gain more opportunities for revenue inside the UNIR1 system.
  • Share your music, videos, events and stories with other artists, bands, independent record labels, booking agents, award winning engineers, writers, multi platinum and gold record producers as well as music industry educators inside the UNIR1 Global Network.
  • Control 100% of your music and your business and pay for the services that you only need.

UNIR1® also enables you to;

    • Eliminate most of the middleman by becoming your own record label, streaming service and distribution through the UNIR1 Global Network and its partners.
    • Make a monthly residual income by creating a subscription website for your fans to pay monthly or yearly.
    • Sell your music as well as tickets for your events, Pay Per View events, Video On Demands and your subscription channels all with UNIR1®.
    • Choose to use other distribution, marketing and booking services within the UNIR1 Network to improve your reach, revenue and opportunities.

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Artists can earn money on videos they publish, tickets they sell for Pay Per View events that they create, as well as video on demand sales. Artists and bands can chat online LIVE and broadcast from their homes or completely mobile on location to audiences and prospective fans around the world. They can also network with other artists and musicians to promote their music LIVE on their radio stations too.

Our store module enables artists and bands to sell their own Digital and Physical CD and merchandise and earn 95% of all items sold. You receive instant gratification from a sale when someone buys your merchandise with no waiting and no middleman. Learn more click here.


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