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UNIR1® is an adaptive niche marketing company that specializes in assisting, educating and developing independent artists, bands and other companies by using the newest technologies in the way of Internet Radio, HDTV broadcasting, Social Media Marketing, Website development and Digital Distribution to publish, promote, market and distribute their products and services in a very professional package that is quite economical.  UNIR1® uncovers many untapped marketing opportunities and revenue streams for new aspiring artists and start-up companies to major corporations and seasoned artists alike.

Digital Distribution

UNIR1® Digital Distribution via INgrooves / Universal Music Group Distribution means access to over 85,000 retail outlets Nationwide, and in addition to over 500,000 retailers worldwide!
• Mobile
• Electronic
• On Demand & Rental
• Direct Download
• Internet Streaming
• On Demand Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, and many others.

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Custom Mobile Apps

UNIR1® creates custom mobile apps for you and your business.  We now live in a mobile world and having access to your brand via iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Android and tablets increases your chance of being seen and heard around the world.  Contact UNIR1® for more details and we’ll create the custom mobile application that is right for you!

Mobile Distribution

The mobile market is now a multi-billion dollar business and is key to expanding your reach in the digital space. Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wallapers, Fulltrack downloads and even Video Ringers are now being offered by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile via UNIR1®.

Retail Distribution

UNIR1® Global Network is a content hub that connects directly to all leading online and mobile stores Worldwide. This is available through Universal on accepted projects as well as a direct distribution with UNIR1 Records, UNIR1 Music and UNIR1 Radio.

Film Distribution

UNIR1® provides an outlet for both independent and major film makers by leveling the playing field. UNIR1® offers worldwide distribution of film works utilizing major distribution channels.

Select Partners

UNIR1® creates exclusive opportunities to market, promote, and distribute your product via exclusive deals with partners of UNIR1®. These opportunities translate to placement of your qualifying films on the following channels and networks.
Select TV Partners

UNIR1 Records specializes in the education and development of independent artist and musicians through the use of internet radio, HDTV technology, social media marketing, website development and branding, self management skills and adaptive niche networking to break artist’s quicker into the mainstream than if they were to go the “traditional label route”.  UNIR1 creates new connections and assists with creating more notoriety, gigs, merchandise sales and opportunities of sponsorship dollar and revenue streams. Our approach is very simple and professional and are all based on the needs of the musician in a non-obtrusive and transparent way in regards to service and results.





UNIR1 TV provides a high quality platform for DJ’s, artists, musicians, bands, businesses, community organizations and charities to accentuate and promote their brands in front of a world wide audience. Broadcast in rich HD your next Pay Per View event, Video On Demand and earn a percentage of the ticket sales. UNIR1 TV can be picked up on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Androids and tablets as well as ROKU Set Top Boxes (Over 1 Billion Streams), Apple TV and PC’s, and you can broadcast live from your mobile phone to these devices as well!

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UNIR1 Radio – Albany, NY

UNIR1 Radio broadcast 24/7 in HD Quality audio and reaches millions of listeners yearly.  UNIR1 Radio is registered with BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN via the TikiLIVE Network and artists receive 100% of the royalties with their Performance Rights Organizations. UNIR1 makes your tracks available  to over 140 internet radio stations on the UNIR1 – TikiLIVE Better Than Radio Network for radio play and promotions.  UNIR1 Radio conducts LIVE interviews as well as Promotions of your track and your interview via our social networks, our  professional write ups on UNIR1 Radio Network blogs, PR releases, featured artist releases, station ID’s, audio teaser trailers, Email blast campaigns, Niche Marketing, Booking and more.


PR & Marketing

UNIR1 has an expansive promotional network that enables you to market your content to the digital world and increase sales and long-term awareness. The design, implementation and execution of our campaigns are based on a detailed analysis of your overall marketing strategy and how best to enhance this in the digital world. Digital marketing is about consumer impressions; UNIR1 makes this happen.
We will work with you one on one with our programs and creative a solution that is right for you.
UNIR1 is signing up new artists every day and we have a great track record of successful artists who work with us. Become a part of the UNIR1 Network case studies and share in the success stories of our artists and bands that have already benefited from our unique approach.

For more information about our powerful distribution packages and rates. Please email our staff@unir1.info or call us directly at 518-795-9500 and we will be more than happy to start helping you build your music business, no matter what playing field you’re on. UNIR1® represents excellence in media and brings quality assurance to performers to get the job done.

“Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.”